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Client Confession Who Hired Gurgaon Escort Girl

Clients who hire escorts share an opinion about the overall experience. Recently there was a candid confession by a client who hired an escort for an outcall service from a Gurgaon escort girl. He shared his experiences that covered the thoughts, expectations, service, real experience, and some advice to future clients.   

The client’s account says he did some serious online search before zeroing in on the Gurgaon escorts and found the stuff suited his expectations and specifications. His motto was complete satisfaction.  

Gurgaon escorts are trained customized who can fulfill the client from each angle and perform well. Such service is appreciated by elite clients and the man says the good looking escort girl was so fit she appeared as a yoga diva.  

Starts at low key but explodes in bed – Gurgaon Escorts Girl

He confides that although everything started on a low key note with subdued expectations. The pace picked up after a drink and gourmet food. Her slinky number and hot looks were the real catalysts. Tracing the episode, the customer says he welcomed her at the appointed time around 7 pm in the hotel lobby.

In the testimonial, the man also shared some snippets of a blow job. Her mouth was hot and he enjoyed her gurgling noises and gazes at him. When he shot the load she gave a perfect squeeze to the cock.

He accosted her in the hotel room. A glass of juice was the welcome drink and a quick embrace. He murmured in her ear: “I am waiting for you to take one more drink”. She understood what he said and said ‘I will do.” 

I said I can stand and she is on her knees. He notes he enjoys women on their knees in a blowjob as a masculine power. She had her position in front of him. But she removed her top and unbuttoned her blouse with a smile. Soon she was in her bra and asked him to unhook and leaned the body against him. 

She let the bra drop to the floor and her C-cup tits came out in grace and freedom. Grabbing his hands she brought them to her boobs and made him squeeze her.

They were perfect and amazing and her hands reached his crotch and began rubbing the dick above the pants as the erection was coming. She got down on her knees and unlocked the belt and zip. The pants came down and hard on ripped boxers.

The cock sprang in all majesty. Nice one, she complimented and began stroking it. The blowjob started slow but gained a faster rhythm. She flicked the tip and he felt the building pressure in the loins.

Gurgaon escort girlHer lips worked and she took it in her mouth and sealed the lips. Bobbing her head back and forth she played magic on the dick and licked the shaft head nicely.

The escort girl pushed him on the bed and caressed softly, and made him hard again. Her pussy was delectable and his hungry stare was greeted with a smile and she mounted with her pussy on his face. 

She began to suck the cock again as he drank her juices. It was a great female ejaculation. She let his hips back into her mouth and she plopped her thighs on his lap and the made cock slid inside. Scooting up her pussy engulfed the cock giving the tight feel of the cunt.

Kinky talk melts the ice- Gurgaon Escorts Girl

The client also recounts the kinky conversations. When he said she is gorgeous, the escort girl jovially commented he looks more of an uncle. That was the point they laughed and ice meted and all formalities vanished. He noted he needed a good company that understood his sensitive nature and responded with good care. In advice, he says sometimes it can be a struggle in keeping the mind emotionally unattached to these lovely girls. 

He also advises more knowledge for some escort girls beyond the brilliance in bed. In high society parties, they have to be hosts and companions so they must know what a salad fork is and how a dinner fork works. Similarly, what is a champagne flute and a wine glass; the subtle variation between Merlot and Cabernet Franc. He suggests that people are now short of time and companionship without drama is the best which good escorts provide.